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Solid Lubricant Applications
Solid Lubricants

Graphite Marly Gold OilGraphite has a structure very close to the diamond and hence offers a strong resistance under high temperature and high load. The huge numbers of carbon atoms layers (almost 3000 per micron) are capable of sliding the one on the other as would make one card game.
Thanks to these properties, very low coefficients of friction can be obtained under very high load. The most interesting property of solid lubricants is that they can still lubricate when an oil (or a grease) is not able any more of providing a good lubrication. When the oil film is broken down, the particles of graphite will fit between the metallic surfaces reducing the frictions and the wear.
The size of graphite particles used in Xeon dispersions is smaller than 1 µ.
The dispersions are particularly stable on storage.
They have a black color.