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Solid Lubricant Applications
PTFE powder

Main products characteristics
Product  Nature        Carrier          Characteristics   Applications
Xeon G4 PTFE - Average particle size 4 µ, d90 = 6.5 µ  Offset & UV inks
Xeon G12 PTFE - Average particle size 12 µ, d90 = 25 µ Plastic resins and paints (improves friction properties)
Xeon F4 PTFE - Average particle size 4 µ, d90 < 7 µ, very good oil absorption for use as tickener in greases Lubricants, greases & pastes
Xeon FG PTFE - Virgin PTFE, to be used in lubricants authorized for incidental food contact Lubricants
Xeon R25 PTFE - Average particle size 25 µ, d90 = 45 µ polymer compounding, greases
Xeon 860 PTFE Vegetable oil Compound at 60% of Xeon G4 in a high oleic sunflower oil  Inks
Xeon 650 PTFE Water Thixotropic gel at 50% of G4, the dispersion remains stable by dilution in water Water based paints & coatings, Water-based drawing fluid
Xeon 520 PTFE refined mineral oil

20% weight colloidal PTFE, D90 < 1.4 µm

Xeon 640S PTFE PAO 6 Dispersion a 40% of PTFE, stable on storage*  Gear oils
Non fuorinated products
Xeon 5950 Boron nitride refined mineral oil 20% of BN (d50 : 0.4 µ), stable on storage Lubricants

*a slight separation of PTFE may take place, but is easily and totally redispersed by a mild stirring.