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Solid Lubricant Applications
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The company

XEON INTERNATIONAL has been founded in 2001.

Xeon's main activity is to provide expertise and high quality material for industrial lubrication. Xeon focuses also on the development of new applications of fluorinated chemicals, and particularly applications of  fluoropolymers.
The unique properties of the most famous of the fluoropolymers, PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) have opened a wide field of applications as additive for inks, coatings, lubricants, plastics….and new applications are still to be discovered!

The team of specialists of XEON INTERNATIONAL is at your service to select for your application the most appropriate grade of PTFE wax.

The PTFE wax are marketed under the brand « Xeon » and under a large range of commercial forms: aqueous dispersion, compounds, dispersion in lubricating oils, etc…
XEON INTERNATIONAL can also provide you with other dispersions of solid lubricants as Boron Nitride, Molybden Bisulfide or graphite.